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More testimonials for ABC Nursery!

It’s that time of year again when we start saying goodbye to some of the children as they leave to go to school. As such we have had some fabulous letters of thanks from parents and we felt it is in order to share them with you!

“Dear Fiona

It is with very much sadness that I am writing this letter as it means my little boy is growing up and is now ready to go to Big School on a new adventure.

I would firstly like to thank everyone at ABC for making the last three and a half years very enjoyable for X. He has had a fantastic time making new friends and learning new activities:in my opinion his social skills have come on leaps and bounds. I would also like to say a special thank you to the four members of staff that have been there as X’s stability while he has been with you :Liz, Mel, Sarah Croxall and Bev. The dedication the girls have put in to making every step of X’s development is better than we could have asked for and X will never forget them and their kindness. The four of them will always have a special place in x’s heart and be a happy childhood memory.

I would like to wish you and your staff all the best for the future and hope you have continued success at ABC”

So if you have any doubts about the dedication and service that you will receive at ABC Nursery – DON’T!! We want all children to have a fun and educational time at nursery so don’t hesitate any longer and call us to book your free taster session now!!