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New Parents Comments

Thought we’d share with you the views of a parent who has started their child with ABC Nursery recently-

“As soon as I walked through the door I felt comfortable. The security is brilliant with the fingerprint door entry system. Everywhere is so bright and welcoming. And the staff have been really understanding about my requirements for my daughter. She’s settled in so quickly – I feel almost neglected that she didn’t cry for me on her first day?!”

High Quality Early Education

How important is it for your child to go to nursery? From the report detailed below you can see that it gives your child the best opportunity. The Early Years Foundation Stage has a positive impact on children’s outcomes and helps to raise standards, particularly in anticipation of them starting school.
For all social outcomes, the benefits of attending high quality pre-school was particularly important for boys, for children with SEN , and for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. In addition, high quality pre-school is also found to be especially beneficial for the most disadvantaged pupils and for those of low qualified parents in terms of better Mathematics outcomes at age 11.  When compared to children who had not attended pre-school, children who had attended poor quality/less effective pre-school generally showed no significant benefits in terms of improved outcomes.
Iram Siraj-Blatchford also states “Attending a high or medium quality pre-school has a lasting effect in promoting or sustaining better social/behavioural outcomes, in terms of increased ‘self-regulation’, higher ‘pro-social’ behaviour and lower ‘anti-social’ behaviour levels at age 11”
So if you want your child to have the best start come down to ABC Nursery and we will gladly help you get them ready for school from an early age!

Recent testimony from pleased parent!!

One parent’s comments after her child moved from Little Stars room to Pre-School Superstars room.

“I am very pleased with the progress that L has made both physically and emotionally. All staff especially family workers are very sensitive and understanding to L’s needs. The care she receives is exceptional. I am very impressed with the level of communication between family workers and parents. I had no worries about L moving early into Superstars.”

Working closely with parents is key to any change within the nursery. We involve them at every opportunity and, as you can see from the comment above – it works!!

The best testimonies come from the kids!!

We wanted to share a little event with you as it made us smile!

One of the parents turned up this week to collect their child at 11.30am, as normal. However on arriving, her son said to her “Mummy – don’t pick me up at this time again! You must leave me here ALL DAY!!!” Just goes to show that we must be doing something right if they don’t want to go home because they’re having too much fun here?!!!

Come and have a look around and see what YOU think?!!