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Independent Survey at ABC Nursery

We recently commissioned an independent survey company, Ceeda, to collate feedback from the parents at ABC Nursery. This feedback could be given anonymously so that we could be sure that we were getting honest opinions.

This has proved invaluable as we are now able to look at the setting with fresh eyes and see where we need to improve. The feedback has been really positive-here are some of the comments:

“I can honestly say that I am more than happy with the level of childcare provided at ABC Nursery and have no concerns whatsoever and do not believe that there is any improvement needed.”

“The system used to enter the premises is 100% secure and gives me confidence that my daughter is safe.”

“Email system and texting is great to keep in touch. I really love to have the daily record sheets. When you spend all day away from your child, it’s really good to have a snapshot of their day”

“I can change my daughter’s day at nursery without issue. Team are extremely friendly and my daughter thinks the world of them. ”

“I love the fact that you have a very friendly relaxed safe welcoming environment for Ruby and us. I always feel comfortable to ask questions and make suggestions. The teachers are lovely with the children, and firm when they need to be! Fiona and Sue are always available fo queries and its a really well run environment.”

“If my son hadn’t been at nursery, Speech and Language wouldn’t have been involved at such an early age.”

“The staff are friendly, approachable and my daughter loves going to nursery that she asks to go on weekends”

“We visited lots of nurseries before choosing ABC and felt they offered better support and facilities to the children”

“It is quite an expensive nursery but it is also a very good one so for best part you get what you pay for. I have visited other nurseries when picking up my niece and nephew and although cheaper they were nowhere near as good as ABC. In fact, after picking my nephew up from one nursery, I went straight back to my sister and advised her to remove him immediately, which she did, as I found it so poor.”

“If you have a happy exhausted child at the end of the day you must be doing your jobs!”

If you would like further information on sending your child to ABC Nursery please contact us!