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More feedback from parents!

Chloe Ballet (parent of one of our children) provided the following feedback and was happy for us to share it with you!

ABC is the third nursery my son has attended as previous places did not have the personal touch that, as an advanced child, he needed. ABC take the time, not only with each child during the hours care, but also to give detailed summary updates about the morning/afternoon activities. As my son is only 3 I still like to know what he has been doing so I can continue the work/play or guide him as required. This is very important and not commonplace in other nurseries. The outstanding plus for me is that all the staff are happy, caring, friendly and professional – in a very child friendly way. The premises may not be a wow factor for potential families at first glance, but within 15 minutes of observing how the staff and children settle into their day together it is very obvious that ABC the right choice.

He has been encouraged to expand on skills in groups and this has improved his confidence. His confidence is showing is a variety of situations and he is becoming a well rounded little man. I particulally like the animals available to him (rabbit and dog) and the general time taken to watch nature (eg snail found in garden area was brought into the classroom for the children to observe). The animals are helping to encourage his ‘caring to animals’ side.

I love the fact that Taylor is welcomed every time he arrives and I am also greeted with smiles. Also one of the staff immediately inform me of Taylor’s where abouts as soon as I arrive for collection, then proceed to update me on his day with, what always feels like, a personal account. He seems to be surrounded by a good mix of children and Taylor is safe as well as happy. Very important. Thanks you.