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Quotes from latest OFSTED inspection

We are so proud of out latest OFSTED inspection report we thought we’d share some of the best comments with you!

“Staff provide a broad range of stimulating and fun activities which support the prime and specific areas of learning very well. As a result, children become motivated and enthusiastic learners.”

“Planning is based on each child’s own interests and next steps learning needs. This helps staff to create an individual programme of activities that is very child focussed.”

“Outdoor play is valued as an exceptional learning environment, which enhances children’s all-round development. Consequently, toddlers and pre-school children benefit from free-flow opportunities, which help them to make choices and decisions about their own play and learning. This opens up wider experiences to enhance their progress.”

“Babies and younger children enjoy outdoor activities at routine times, and benefit from frequent outings in the ‘baby bus’. This helps them to develop their physical skills and broadens their social interactions.”

Staff “focus intently on children’s sensory development, by encouraging children to explore the visually stimulating environment.”

“Children new to the setting are soothed by the comforting music and the sensitive interactions of the staff.”

“Staff skilfully support children with special educational needs and those who speak English as an additional language, including sign language.”

“Parents “are fully informed about their child’s daily care and the meaning and purpose of the educational programmes. Consequently, children receive good levels of support as they transfer from home to nursery, and are ready to transfer to school with confidence as they get older.”

“Children settle well in this warm and welcoming nursery, because staff provide loving and consistent care.”

“Staff use their time very well to engage children in interesting conversations and activities. They speak kindly to the children at all times, and encourage them to value and respect others.”

“Children benefit from nutritious meals and snacks, which are carefully prepared to ensure that children follow a healthy diet.”

“Children develop increasing levels of independence in their self-care through the daily routine.”

“Children transfer between rooms with confidence and ease, because staff support them very well at this important time. Parents are fully engaged in the transition process, which fosters secure relationships within the nursery.”

“Children are protected from harm and neglect because safeguarding procedures are robust……. Health and safety practices are strong and well established.”

“Staff take pride in their work and are highly committed to professional development and training.”

“Strong partnerships are established between the nursery and other professional agencies and schools. This ensures that children receive good levels of support at all times. Parents are valued as partners and are fully involved in all aspects of the provision.”

“Parents comments and views demonstrate that they are very satisfied with the ‘brilliant’ service provided, and state that their children ‘never want to come home’. This contributes to a stable and welcoming environment that secures children’s achievement and emotional well-being.”

Don’t just take our word for it though – come and see us and find out more! We’d love to meet you!

Another successful OFSTED report!

In June we had our latest OFSTED inspection and we are proud to announce that we got a Good with elements of outstanding within it!

As you may know, OFSTED are (quite rightly) raising the standards and expectations of all childcare providers in England. We have been told (unofficially) that if we had been inspected 6 months ago and were doing what we do now we may even have got an outstanding! We are still striving for that ultimate goal but the levels of effort and ability that went into achieving the good are brilliant. The inspector pointed out the excellent communication between staff and children and also between the staff themselves. Children are encouraged to be actively involved in all activities and the use of language by the children was brilliant.

The link is not yet available on the OFSTED website but as soon as it is we will let you know.

Fiona Myatt (director) said “I am so proud of the team. I know I’m biased but I think that the staff here are so professional and knowledgeable. You can have all the toys and resources in the world but if the staff aren’t bothered then the resources are a waste of money. The staff have been here so long they know the children inside out and what they can do to help the children achieve more. One parent whose child left recently to go to school summed it up by saying “You’ve transformed my little girl”. I can’t ask for more than that from the staff – they are fantastic and I’m lucky to ¬†work alongside them every day. Thank you ABC Nursery!”

Summer Fayre & Open Day Saturday 20th July 11.00am-1.00pm

It’s that time of year again where we will be holding a fund raising day! It’s also a chance for you to come and have a look around the nursery if you’re thinking of bringing your child to us!

There will be loads of stalls – tombola, face painting, cakes and much more. There is no entrance fee – just come and have some fun!

There will also (hopefully) be some stocks for you to have the chance of throwing wet sponges at the staff – lets hope its a nice day!

We look forward to seeing you there!